Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Important dates in the month of August

Well friends, Badger football is just around the corner! I wanted to share some important dates that I got from Coach Shannon, concerning some things going on in the month of August, which actually starts this weekend. Here they are:

August 3- Two-A-Day practices start at 6:15 AM.

August 18- Media Day starts at 3 PM. All local media are invited to Pruitt Fieldhouse where all coaches and players will be made available for interviews.

August 25- Beebe Junior High will scrimmage Ahlf(Searcy) Junior High, starting at 5:30 PM, followed by the Beebe Senior High scrimmage with Searcy High at approximately 7 PM.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It is done

Well friends, it is now done. This process that I have been going through for nine months is now over and official. My divorce is official, signed and legal. I was wondering what emotions and feelings that I would be going through today. I can tell you this: I am not celebrating. I am happy that the process is over, but I'm not happy that it came to this. If someone had told me a year ago that by late July of 2009, that I would be divorced, I wouldn't have believed them. I have learned a lot about myself during this process. One of the things that I set out to do was to network with other men and women who went through a divorce. All the advice and good words that I have heard from everyone has really helped me to deal with these feelings that I have gone through. I would not wish this on anyone, not even my worst enemy. I am inviting anyone who reads this to comment, to give their own feelings, and to write down whatever is on your mind. I do want to thank not only my friends and family, but my attorney. I am thankful that my ex signed the papers and mailed them back as quick as she did. Not that I haven't moved on, but now, I can officially move on.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Needing a color commentator for Beebe Badger football

Hi friends! Well, football season is drawing closer, but I am still in need of a color commentator for the Badger broadcasts on BSN/ Here are my preferences and requirements for the position:

1. Should live within 20-25 miles of Beebe, AR.

2. Need to be a former player or a former coach.

3. Must have a decent speaking voice and have a good working knowledge of the game of football.

4. Must be available every Friday night during the regular season and possibly the playoffs.

5. Must be dependable and timely.

Anyone who is interested can send me an e-mail at and I will get in contact with you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New e-mail address for the Badger Sports Network

Well friends, as football season continues to draw closer and closer, preparations are being made, as far as the broadcast end of things. I do need to make a revision. It is actually the Badger Sports Network, not the Badger Radio Network. In either case, there is now an e-mail address for BSN. It is Listeners can e-mail questions, comments, anything they'd like. I am getting more and more excited as the season opener draws near, which is September 4 at Bro Erwin Stadium against the Greenbrier Panthers. I hope to hear from ya'll very soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random thought for July 19, 2009

Well, a friend who sent me a message on Facebook is the inspiration for my random thought that I'm posting. Today would've been my 12th wedding anniversary. For those that do not know, my divorce will be final next Tuesday. I was married for 11 years. I have been single for 9 months now. It is interesting what you learn in this process. Believe it or not, the gist of this post is not to talk about my feelings about being single or going through a divorce. It is actually to talk about what happened one year ago today.

From 2002 to July 19, 2008, I worked for Crain Media-Searcy. Despite the rocky ending to the 2007-08 broadcast year, I was very much looking forward to the upcoming season and the Badgers going into the 5A Southeast Conference. Unfortunately, I would never get that chance. On July 19, 2008, which was my 11th wedding anniversary, I got the call from the then GM of Crain Media, JR Runyon, informing me that I was no longer the voice of the Badgers. The phone call came at 1:30 in the afternoon and it was a 10 minute conversation. He never really told me the reasoning behind my firing and essentially just hinted at some things. I can still remember feeling the shock and the feeling of being really surprised after hearing that news. All of this from a man that five months earlier, put his arm around me and told me that I was "appreciated" and that Beebe sports would not be the same without me. I still remember the two people that I immediately called with this information: my then wife, and Coach John Shannon. Its amazing what you remember about certain things.

Fast forward to July 19, 2009. I think about what all has happened this year. I will be back in the booth as the voice of the Badgers on the Badger Radio Network/ I have gone on several dates, and filed for divorce. A wise gentleman told me several months ago that I needed to start living my life day to day, to not worry about the past because you can't change the past and to not worry about the future because you can't predict it. I know it won't do any good to be bitter and upset about what happened a year ago. For some people, going through something that bitter is hard to move on from, but honestly, its the best thing to do. So, that's what I've done. I have moved on. I am very optimistic that the rest of 2009 will be at least decent. I am very much looking forward to football season. My last point: always keep your chin up and be optimistic.

On a sports note: two-a-days begin in about a week and a half. These kids have been working hard in offseason workouts and team camps. We'll see how they've come along since spring practice.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special movie review

Well, I know this has nothing to do with sports or the Beebe Badgers, but most people that know me know that I am a huge James Bond fan. This weekend, I bought the last two movies I needed to complete my 007 collection: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I used to own Casino Royale, but I let my ex wife have it. I had never seen Q/S, so I bought and watched it this evening. Here is my review of it:

First, it is obvious that it is a sequel to CR, in many ways. One, Bond, is bent on getting revenge over losing Vesper Lynd at the end of CR. Also, some of the characters from CR come back in Q/S, including Mr. White and Felix Leiter. I liked the fact that both had expanded roles in Q/S. the character of M also has an expanded role in the movie, as we see a bit more personal side to her character.

I have to say that Q/S is essentially License to Kill(1989) for a large part, with the exception of a few details. Both movies have two Bond girls, both have Bond as a rogue agent, both take place in Central/South America, and both have strong willed dictators. However, in Q/S, the dictator takes the back seat to Dominic Greene, where in L2K, the dictator takes a back seat to no one. I can see why, in a way, that both movies mirror each other in a way. Both Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton play a harder, darker Bond. Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan would not have been able to pull off this type of character, or make this particular type of 007 movie work. Both Q/S and L2K also have agents who turn against their governments.

What I liked:

1. The end of the movie, where Bond finally finds peace with himself and the memories he has of Vesper Lynd. The necklace that Vesper wore in CR that Bond carried for the movie was dropped in the snow at the end.

2. The relationship between M and Bond seemed to get a little stronger toward the end of the movie, when M realizes that Bond was right about the Quantum organization. She defends Bond's actions during her meeting with the PM's aide.

3. MI6 agent Field's legs. Very nice. Fields, however, didn't play as big of a role as she probably should've had.

What I disliked:

1. The theme song, it was terrible!!!! It was probably one of the worst Bond theme songs of the whole series. This song will not do Alicia Keys any good, in my opinion.

2. The end graphics. They were too small.

3. The fact that the gun barrel scene was at the end. Although I'm glad they brought it back for Q/S, it should've been at the beginning, instead of the end. Hopefully, for the next Bond, it will be at the beginning.

My review? On a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best), I'd rate it a 2.5. I thought it interesting that it was not the only movie featuring an actor playing Bond for the second time(Roger Moore-The Man with the Golden Gun, Timothy Dalton-License to Kill), that the second movie was not as well thought of as the first. Hopefully the next Bond flick, due to be released in 2011, will be much better. I'd love your comments on Q/S.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It is now official......................

Well Badger fans, it is now official! According to an e-mail that I got earlier today from Greg Miller, President of radio, Badger Radio Network, an affiliate of NEARSports, will be broadcasting Beebe High School football, basketball, baseball, and softball this upcoming school year. I will be broadcasting Badger sports on BRN and to say that I am excited, is an understatement. Not only will it help publicize the Beebe School District, the community, and the athletic programs, but it will reach out to a large number of alumni and fans who live in other areas of the state, nation, and even the world. There are ideas being discussed and thrown around that will hope to make the Badger broadcasts the best around. This is an exciting time to be a Badger fan, whether you live in Beebe, Little Rock, or Australia. I will talk more about this in the next few days, but I wanted to share this exciting news with you. I am not only excited, but very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to once again, be the voice of the Badgers. My thanks to all of my friends out there who have helped me over the course of this year. You will not be forgotten, I can promise you that! Thanks again!

Shane Smith, voice of the Beebe Badgers on Badger Radio Network

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Random thoughts for July 4, 2009

Well, its hard to believe that we're celebrating another Fourth of July holiday. It just seems like yesterday that I was bringing in the New Year in the company of a lovely young lady(all good, of course). In two months, the 2009 high school football season will begin, but what will be different from last season is the fact that I will be back in the booth. Last year at this time, I had no idea that not only was I about to be fired from my soon to be former radio employer, but a month later, my wife would come to me with the news that she wanted a divorce. More about the latter a little later. Getting back in the booth has been the most normal thing that has happened to me in nearly a year. There are many people that I have to think for getting back in the booth. For those that do not know, there will be two radio stations that will be covering Beebe High sports this upcoming season, the yet to be decided FM station from Crain Media, and NEARSports radio. NEARSports( is the only internet radio station in the state of Arkansas. It is owned and operated by Greg Miller, who is one of the announcers himself. Greg, a longtime banker, bought NEARSports from David Grim in September of 2008 and has embarked on an ambitious effort to not only make NEARSports better, but bigger. NEARSports has not only gotten contracts to cover small schools like East Poinsett County, Bay, and Riverside, but also has gotten contracts to cover Marion(6A East) and Greene County Tech(5A East). With the addition of Beebe, NEARSports not only is coming into the central Arkansas market, but is the third school that is 5A and bigger that will be covered by NEARSports. Not only will this be a little different forum, as far as the Badger broadcasts are concerned, there will actually be more sports covered. As of right now, potentially four sports will be covered. I'm personally excited about the possibility of covering baseball and softball, as those sports were very successful last season. Not only do I have to thank Greg Miller for giving me another opportunity to get back into the booth, but I also have to thank the Beebe School Board and superintendent, Dr. Belinda Shook, for giving the okay(the official okay will come July 13 at the next board meeting). I also want to thank Jerry Jordan, the Beebe Athletic Director, for giving the recommendation to the school board. There are plenty more people to thank, and I will do so a little later.

As I remarked earlier, my divorce will be final in a few weeks, July 28, to be exact. It has been a rough past several months, but I'm glad that there is finality to this. I can safely say that divorce sucks. Hopefully, there will be another lady in my life soon, only time will tell.

I just got my 2009 copy of Hooten's Arkansas Football Magazine, and as always, it is better than the year before. More color pictures, more articles, and always good previews of the state colleges and high schools. The coaches in the 5A Southeast have picked the Badgers to finish 4th in the conference, which I would have to say is pretty accurate. Monticello is once again loaded and primed to make another deep run in the playoffs. Sylvan Hills could be a darkhorse to push the Billies for the conference championship. Only time will tell as far as who finishes in what place.

Friday, July 03, 2009

2009 Beebe High football schedule

2009 Beebe Badger football schedule

Sept 4- v. Greenbrier
Sept. 11- at Lonoke
Sept. 18- v. Vilonia
Sept. 25- at Crossett*
Oct. 2- v. North Pulaski *
Oct. 9- at Monticello*
Oct. 16- v. LR McClellan*
Oct. 23- at LR Mills*
Oct. 30- v. White Hall*
Nov. 5- at Sylvan Hills*

*- notes 5A Southeast Conference game